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Thai Food complexity

Thai food focuses on five taste senses of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. Spices are blended together to create a strong aromatic dish that combines multiple taste senses. Thai food uses alot of ingredients such as basil, ginger, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime and chili. While Thai food uses many other ingredients it is often the method of how those ingredients are combined that creates the Thai dishes that we love. The one thing that you have to appreciate about Thai food is the dishes are light and healthy. 

Here at Oceanic Thai Kitchen we take pride in the quality of that we prepare. We know that when you combine high quality ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and preparing handmade products; you can create amazing meals. We hope that you can appreciate the details to creating a dish of harmony of tastes and textures of every mail. 

Don't worry, for some people Thai food can be intimating. We have thought of everything. We have traditional Thai dishes, Asian Fusion dishes, Limited Time Special Dishes and even off Menu dishes. We have many dishes, lets try to find the dish that suits your palate just right.